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Research paper

Research paper is meant to test student’s ability to conduct independent study. Such assignment is typical for high school, college and university students; writing a research paper is creative and interesting task, but it also requires spending some time on its implementation, assumes that student has certain level of knowledge and skills.


During studying of question how to do a research paper, it becomes clear that research paper format should follow common rules and instructions; creative approach is encouraged but only if it is within reasonable limits. Such work teaches you how to research, analyze and organize collected information.

Choosing topic is first step in creating research paper. Selection of research topic is determined by subject of studies, purpose of research, writer’s goals and presence of sufficient amount of information about selected topic.



How to write a research paper?


There are two primary methods to complete research projects: write work yourself or contact research paper writing service to buy research papers. Each of these two options can be used, but every one of them has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss below:


If you decide to buy research paper, advantages seem obvious. First of all, you won’t need to spend all days long to write it. This way your research paper will be written by high level professionals, it will be created from scratch according to your preferences and instructions that you provide, so you will get high-quality work. You won’t need to overload yourself with boring work on a theme that you are not interested in or simply don’t like, such as research paper on abortion, or on nuclear fusion, which you have no desire to understand. Send request “please, write my research paper” to writing service, and forget about these difficulties.


Writing research papers is more difficult than buying it. Student will need to study lots of information, like: how to formulate research paper introduction, how to write a thesis statement for a research paper and many more. On the other hand, writing your paper yourself gives you list of benefits; this way your work will be written in your personal, unique style, you’ll get opportunity to demonstrate your skills and knowledge, you’ll gain new skills, learn new information, etc.


What student must know about research paper?


Doesn’t matter what way you choose, there are some basic things that you must know. Research project must demonstrate following skills: ability to conduct research process, work with scientific, educational and reference literature, synthesize and organize data on chosen topic, and ability to present material logically and correctly. Since such type of task is based on independent study, it also must show you professor that you have sufficient theoretical knowledge on a particular subject.


Stages of preparation and implementation of work


1) Preparation for work includes:



  • Determination of the object and of research, questions that student will study, defining general goals and purpose of investigation. At this stage you should consult with your teacher to ensure that chosen direction is appropriate and will be approved by him, otherwise you risk to get bad grade.
  • After you decided what you want to study you need to narrow your theme. Your paper must include complex study of one specific topic.
  • When you have your topic, you can start with formulating hypothesis for your project; this is not easy because it must be clear and give readers understanding of what you’re studying and why you chosen this theme. At this stage student may need some additional research paper help, and there are two options: you can find service that offers research papers for sale and ask for consultation, or turn to your teacher for advice.
  • Last step of preparation is building plan of work. This step is not necessary, but it will help to complete your work on time. It can be short and brief outline which will have descriptions of every part of paper, what you need to complete it, and maybe you can also add time frames, this will help you to divide writing process into parts and work on each part separately without rush.

2) Research and analysis consists of:


  • Studies of sources, literature, discoveries and findings that were made by other experts in your field regarding your topic.
  • Analysis and systematization of data.
  • Building arguments, to prove or refute certain points; students can use quotations from literature, facts, or interviews with experts.


3) Writing and formatting work:

Formulating main theses and ideas. You should think through how you will present information and adapt it according to instructions and requirements that you professor gave you. If you will start preparation in advance and distribute stages of work on days it will allow you to perform better and save some time for proofreading and revision of your paper.

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