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College Myths that Are Not True

Every year thousands of school graduates enter colleges of all kinds. This is one of the biggest changes in our lives, and that is the reason of a huge stress. There are tons of myths that roam around among graduates and terribly scare them. Let’s take a look at some most popular myths about college that are not true.

College Myths

Top 5 false myths about college

1. You need a good SAT result to enter
The results of your tests, SAT or any other, are not the one and only determinative factor. There is a combination of different grades according to which college officials make a decision to accept you or not. Every document you attach to your application is carefully studied and influences the decision. So, do not aim only at high results on tests. Be a good student overall – and you’ll be accepted to the college of your dream.
2. There is a perfect college for everyone
There is no such idea. Many institutions s of different kinds can be good for you. Do not narrow your search according to some ratings or common opinion about colleges. They all have their own atmosphere and sometimes even their own studying system, so the best way to find your perfect place to study is to travel to several of them and see, which ones fell comfortable for you. Evaluate the environment, check out classes and schedule, talk to people who study there. Make your opinion of each place you are interested in – and make a choice according to your intuition and reasoning.
3. Be sure to decide your major before entering a college or before classes begin
Of course, it is much easier if from childhood years you know what you want to do in future, what career is best for you. But what if you do not feel that natural attraction to some certain field? Do you have to make up your mind before you begin studies? No, you don’t. The vast majority of students change their major during college years; some do it even twice or more. So, even if you decide what you want to study, your opinion can change. When you begin to dig into some field, you might lose interest and feel attracted by something else.
4. Roommates are idiots
Why would someone think so? Are you not one of those guys? You are someone’s future roommate – does that make you a fool or an annoying person?
Any educational institution is a place to make friends. Some friendships last a lifetime. Many marriages happen between those who met in alma mater. So no, roommates are not a problem if you are ready to get along with people. You have to understand that the place you live in is shared with another person or persons, and this means you have to cooperate, understand someone else’s needs as well as be able to explain yours. It is a give-and-take kind of relationship.
5. You can manage all your studies on your own
This statement is neither true nor false. It is not a myth, but it cannot be taken as a rule. Some students are able to keep up with the studying program; others need help. But if you feel that some tasks keep being left behind because you don’t have enough time, this does not mean you are a bad student.
There are a lot of services that can help. For example, if you have several tests at the end of the month and you see that your narrative essay is far from being ready – it isn’t even started yet, you can find an essay writing service. Professionals can take care of your essay and prepare it for you in time. Just be sure to read it and understand everything. Thus you learn everything you missed by not doing it yourself. It is not bad to ask for help. Bad is not to learn from it.
As you see most fears about colleges are not true. Be friendly and open, be bold and hardworking – and student years become the best time of your life!

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